Wormwood Saga

watercolor painting of Andor's mountain

With the demonic force vanquished life can return to normal and the world can begin to heal - but not for Lilli. The grim reality is that it has taken everything from her - everything except for their daughter.

In a world devoid of love, goodness, and happiness only the horror of destruction, carnage, and chaos reign supreme. Compelled by a global catastrophe and an ancient malevolence Andor and Lilli escape to an austere landscape of craggy peaks, alpine lakes, snow, and wild animals. Here, they forge new connections with the land, each other, and an extra-dimensional task force deployed to help restore order, peace, and love to the cosmos.

As the saga unfolds the two young lovers not only grapple with their own survival but are thrust into the midst of an intergalactic battle between the ultimate good and the most heinous evil.

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